Acupuncture for Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

Does my pet have to be sedated for the procedure?

No. Acupuncture is performed with the pet’s full consciousness for optimal response to the treatment.


Will my pet feel pain from the needles?

They shouldn't. Needles used are extremely fine, a “De Qi” response may be observed by the pet turning around to look, flicking of ears or twitching of the skin around the needle. The “De Qi” response can also be described as the rush of energy through a meridian or energy channel in the body.


How many treatments are usually required?

It depends. Conditions like osteoarthritic pain may require 3-4 weekly treatments initially whereas neurological conditions like paresis or paralysis may require between 6-8 twice-weekly treatments depending on the cause and progress. Internal medicine related conditions might not require as many acupuncture treatments as herbal medicine and food therapy is usually incorporated into the therapy.

Are there any adverse effects from Acupuncture?

No. Patients may be more sleepy within the first day after each treatment, that's all!

How far do you travel?

I see patients from as far as Joondalup on the north side of the river, and to Mandurah, the south of the river. A minimal travel fee is charged for a one-way distance of 20km or more.  

Do I have to prepare anything at home for the vet visit?

No. Acupuncture can be performed wherever the pet's most comfortable - I usually let them decide where they would like to lay down .

How can I know if acupuncture or a change of diet can help with my pet's condition? 

Send an email or give me call with a short brief of your pet's condition and I will be able to advise you if I can help. It's that simple!


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