Acupuncture for Cats

Frequently Asked Questions

How much is an initial consultation?

$165 (GST inclusive).

Acupuncture is performed where necessary and applicable, at no extra charges.

Herbal medications prescribed are extra.

Follow up consultations are $140.

What are the fees if I book two pets in on the same day? 

$25 discount is given for the second (initial) consultation during the same day, eg. $140.

Note: You will need to book out 2 consecutive appointment time slots.

Please email me for special arrangements if appointment schedule does not fit.

*Follow up appointments on two pets; a $20 discount applies for the second pet (eg. $140 + $120 consultation fees).

Can I claim your consultation fees from my pet insurance?


Depending on your individual's policies and cover, some pet insurance will also cover costs of herbal medicine.

Do you do house calls?

Unfortunately, no.

Can you call me to discuss about my pet's condition before I book an appointment?

Any discussions about an individual's condition is a consultation.

A few questions will often lead to more questions. Without seeing the patient myself, differences in our perspectives can be very misleading and unhelpful for both you and I.  

What are your thoughts on vaccination, routine parasitic control prophylaxis for my pet?

A face to face consultation with yourself and your pet is legally required for any veterinary advice. There is no one-size fits all approach and my recommendations must also suit your pet's health status/ ongoing medical conditions.

What natural alternatives do you offer for worming and flea control?

Please refer to Dr Clare Middle's website for relevant articles.

My pet has been diagnosed with cancer. Can you advise on what herbs I can use to combat cancer?

There are numerous beneficial herbs that work against cancer cells, mostly available via a search on the internet. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine works on specific herbs and/or herbal formulas that will best suit one particular individual's presentation, depending on their imbalances. 

Some patients have a stronger gut, which means they will be able to tolerate stronger anti-cancer herbs, potentially at a higher dosage. Some patients have sensitive gut, and so gut strengthening herbs may need to be added to balance it out. 

I work with patients on an individual basis. I do not offer protocol-type treatment regimes.

Integrating Chinese Medicine (acupuncture, herbal medicine, food therapy) with conventional chemotherapeutic drugs can be highly beneficial to protect the gut and offset any adverse effects.

I have sent you a message (or email) regarding questions about my pet's condition, are you able to tell me what it could be?

I will not diagnose or give medical advice over the internet, or via email.

I have many questions for you during a formal consultation, in order for us to arrive at the right diagnosis for that specific individual, AND be able to formulate an appropriate treatment plan. 

If I have seen your pet before, and symptoms have changed, a follow-up visit is necessary.

Do you offer Titre-testing?

Unfortunately I am not equipped to perform any laboratory tests at this stage. 

Does my pet have to be sedated for acupuncture?

No. Acupuncture is performed with the pet’s full consciousness for optimal response to the treatment.

Pain medications should ideally be withheld prior any acupuncture sessions. 


Will my pet feel pain from the needles?

They shouldn't. Needles used are extremely fine, a “De Qi” response may be observed by the pet turning around to look, flicking of ears or twitching of the skin around the needle. The “De Qi” response can also be described as the rush of energy through a meridian or energy channel in the body.


Are there any adverse effects from Acupuncture?

No. Patients may be more sleepy within the first day after each treatment, that's all!

My dog has just been diagnosed with IVDD (Interveterbrae Disc Disease), are you able to help?

Advanced imaging such as X-rays and/or CT/MRI scan will be helpful to rule in or out surgery as a viable option.

If surgery is not an option, acupuncture is best instituted into the treatment regime as soon as possible. Generally, prognosis is best if acupuncture (+/- herbal therapy) is commenced within 24-36 hours from onset of symptoms.


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